We can install a content management system such as Joomla or Wordpress free with
your hosting package.

CMS Template
We can create a CMS template for you from as little as £50

Bespoke Sites 
We can design and
write a site to your specification using css, HTML, PHP, Javascript etc. Prices tend to start at £200.

Web Design

Our philosophy of quality, flexibility and choice leaves it up to you to determine what you need from us, though we are always happy to advise. 

We are interested in finding out from you what you want and presenting it to you how you want it presented. Design prices range from as low as £50 (for a simple CMS template) depending on the complexity of your site and the work you want us to do for you. If you supply the content we know how to put it together and make it work. The less PrimeSpace has to do the less you pay (the converse is also true).

You will find a few examples of some of the sites we host and that clients have asked us to design below.

We can be contacted here.


Once you have a 
domain name linked to hosting it's easy to write basic web pages using a modern WYSIWYG editor. Upload them and you'll have a simple site up and running in no time.  

For more interactivity  you will need to write in languages such as DHTML, PHP, Flash  or Javascript. We can help from giving you free advice to building your web site for you.